My hot tub is cold.

hot, steam, heater, no heat

90% of the time this is a clogged filter. This will shut off the flow of water to the heater. Clean or replace the filter, if that doesn't work please call us to get more detailed troubleshooting or schedule an appointment.

My water is cloudy.

Cloudy water, dirty water, filter issue

You filters are important. Once again this is more than likely a filter issue. Please clean or replace your filter, and/or change the water. If the problem continues please call for more detailed troubleshooting or to schedule an appointment. 

My hot tub is too noisy.

motor repair, on site motor repair

One or more of your motors need to be serviced. This could mean replacing or rebuilding. Rebuilding is one of our specialties and can save you money and keep your unit operating. 

I'm going away for the winter, what should I do?

water damage, cold weather, winterizing

If your area is prone to power failures, we advise that you get your unit professionally winterized. Our professionals will clear all of the plumbing in your unit of residual water and add antifreeze if necessary. This will prevent costly freeze damage. 

What do I do if I no longer want my hot tub?

hot tub disposal, unwanted hot tub, remove hot tub

We can safely remove your unit and terminate the electrical connections. Leaving your property clean and undamaged.

My breaker keeps tripping, HELP!

electrical, short, electrical problem, tripping breaker, gfi, gfci

Your breaker is doing its job. Something is shorting out or overloading the breaker. This is something you most likely cannot fix yourself, please call us immediately. We can diagnose any electrical issue within an hour or two before you waste money on expensive hardware or under qualified tradespeople.